University Polo Clubs are a really important pathway for introducing people to polo and providing access to the sport. Conroy Polo works closely alongside University Polo Clubs and their individual members to provide a fun, accessible, challenging environment for learning. Polo is a fantastic stress release, and our relaxed, enjoyable approach is the perfect way to have a break from your studies.

We offer a variety of products tailored to University Students, as well as offer student prices on all our products Monday-Friday. We want to continue to encourage and support the University Polo community, and we take great pride in the successes and accomplishments of our students.

Group Lessons

Polo is a team sport; therefore, we prefer to teach skills in context and strongly encourage our players towards our group lessons. University clubs are encouraged to book a Group Lesson slots for their clubs, and individual players are welcome in any of our lessons. Group lessons are the best way for players of all ability levels to practice their skills in a structured, yet contextual environment.

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Team Training

Have a competition on the horizon? Book your team in for a Team Training session to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

We offer Team Training Groups during the grass season, which give you the private attention of a coach to drill your teamwork and communication, discuss tactics and polish your structures and set plays before competition.

We also offer Team Training in the form of Instructional Chukkas – we will build you a team of the appropriate to play against to closely mimic the competition environment whilst also challenging you.

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3hr Student Skills Accelerator (4-8 people)

Coming back from a long summer holiday and want to get a head-start, or quite simply want to boost all your polo skills? Our Student Skills Accelerator sessions include a Group Lesson to practice your skills, a rules and tactics session, 30 minutes of structured handstick practice, and finish off with an Instructional Chukka to put your new and improved skills and knowledge into practice.

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Group Lesson+
Students (Monday-Friday)
Team Training+
1hr Group Lesson
Students (Monday-Friday)
45 Minute Instructional Chukka
Supplement to existing Chukka prices
3hr Student Skills Accelerator (4-8 people)+
Students (Monday-Friday)

Providing affordable access to polo at the grassroots level

We take care of all your polo needs without the price tag of a big club, offering a unique combination of instructional chukkas and lessons which are tailored to every individual and run by a qualified HPA Club instructor.

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