At Conroy Polo we wholeheartedly believe polo is and should be for everyone. If you have no previous polo (or riding) experience, then an Introduction to Polo Lesson is where you will start your polo journey! Our relaxed, fun Introduction to Polo curriculum has been expertly formulated to give you the best head start into the sport, regardless of previously riding ability. You will be newly equipped with all the necessary skills allowing you to safely and confidently progress as a player within our nurturing program of lessons and chukkas.

Introduction to Polo Lesson

Whether you have previous riding experience or have never sat on a horse before, you can book a 1.5hr Introduction to Polo Lesson. This session is formulated to cover all the basics of the sport; familiarising the player with using a mallet, an introduction to the polo style of riding and combining these newfound skills to stick and ball on horseback.

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Large Group/Company Taster Days

There’s no better way to spend a day with your friends and colleagues than learning something new! Polo is a fun, challenging way to build teamwork and communication skills, whilst also being an unforgettable experience for all!

Get in touch to book a bespoke, tailored Taster Day Package, expertly curated to suit your needs!

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Introductory Polo Experience

Desperate to learn try polo and want the complete game experience? Then our 2.5hr Introductory Polo Experience is the one for you! Cover all the basic skills of the sport, enjoy an introduction into the rules of the game, then put your newfound abilities and knowledge to the test in a short Chukka to wrap up the experience!

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Providing affordable access to polo at the grassroots level

We take care of all your polo needs without the price tag of a big club, offering a unique combination of instructional chukkas and lessons which are tailored to every individual and run by a qualified HPA Club instructor.

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