Regardless of ability or experience level, getting involved in chukkas adds an exciting new dimension to the sport of polo for all players. Our unique instructional chukka program is designed to provide a nurturing yet challenging environment in which players can develop their skills through practice. This allows players to experience the atmosphere of a game of polo whilst still having the support and guidance of your coach as you would in lessons. Our clients are introduced to chukkas in an environment suited to their level, at an appropriate time to progress their game. Chukkas run regularly throughout the week, and are most effective when played in conjunction with lessons; maintaining a balance of skills training and gameplay to ensure comprehensive progression.

We have three levels of instructional chukkas;

Beginner Chukkas

Beginner chukkas are our introductory level of chukkas, designed exclusively for players who are ready to practice their newly evolving skills in a game situation. Interspersed with regular lessons, these chukkas are the ideal way to kickstart realistic gameplay alongside others of a similar experience level, without feeling the pressure of speed. These chukkas predominantly aim to instil confidence and provide support in a more competitive and contextual environment.

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Development Chukkas

Development Chukkas begin to introduce new game skills for players of increasing confidence and ability, whilst maintaining a steady approach. These chukkas are perfectly suited to players who want to begin to learn how to control the field, using a slower environment to cultivate more complex plays and critical thinking. This is the ideal environment for the less experienced player to develop their skills and game play, with the aim to progress to Farm Chukkas.

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Farm Chukkas

These are faster chukkas, concentrating on the progression of players who are more confident in their game. There is a strong focus on tactical awareness, as we begin to teach you how to structure your play and increase your effectiveness as a team. Farm Chukkas allow the speed of play to increase, without losing the support of extensive coaching. We continue to dissect play and construct tactical situations in context, maximising the progression of the both the individual player, and the game play itself.

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Winter Polo

What happens in the winter when the temperature drops and we can no longer play on grass?  Polo doesn’t have to stop just because the weather gets cold and the nights draw in: through the winter we switch to arena polo and continue our schedule of chukkas.

While a little different to polo on grass arena, polo is the perfect way to continue to apply the skills acquired in your lessons to a game situation through the winter months.  Learn how to adapt your game to the different space of the arena and learn some new tactics and riding skills along the way.

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